Glenn McCoy Wrong Side

Imagine if the Benghazi massacre had occurred with a Republican in the White House, rather than their annointed, “historical” messianic hero.  Just imagine.  Would the original lie about the youtube video have even gone unchecked? What about the fundraiser and Letterman appearance that occurred in the days right after the slaughter of our four men in Benghazi!  Imagine the media if a Republican Secretary of State had wailed “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE,” and had lied in front of the caskets of the slain men.

But no. What we have, what we are subject to, is a “news media” that does all it can to cover the perverse, immoral, dangerous and depraved acts of this President and his administration.  And even now, they continue to cover up the coverup.

On Thursday evening, ABC was the only broadcast network to cover the day’s congressional hearing on the Benghazi attacks. Both CBS and NBC ignored the hearing. ABC only covered the story for 46 seconds; they gave twice that amount of coverage to the U.S. Olympic speedskating suits.  read more here

How do we fight back?  How do we insist that the media report this as they surely would if President Bush had acted this way?  We go to the Facebook pages of the mainstream media.  We tweet.  We keep this in the public eye, even if the media refuse to.

Join RATM in our fight for honest journalism, and help us get the word out.